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Lettering A Creative Way To Decorate Your Bullet Journal

Some might mix up calligraphy with lettering, but these two are completely different! Calligraphy is a handwriting art and Lettering is the drawing of a letter as a pictorial object.

Lettering is not something you casually write, as you do with your handwriting. It is an artistic way to change the appearance of any letter you are working on. It is basically a way to enhance your written fonts. Your spread will look 100x times better if you add a little of this creative technique.

For this technique, you have to draw each letter individually. You need to learn how to draw the strokes, how to draw the bends and curves. There are several ways of lettering. For example, there is bubbly lettering, modern hand lettering, brush lettering, cursive lettering, calligraphy lettering, and so on. It sometimes surprises me that the same style of lettering looks different only if you change the color. You don’t need to follow any exact style, you can draw anything that makes your letters fancy in your eyes. It might sound tough but trust me you will love it when you will be able to draw the strokes the exact way you want!

In our Bullet Journal we usually use Lettering to write a certain title, subtitle, headline, or even a quote. Lettering the headlines will result in highlighting them, so it is easier for you to search for a certain topic later when you go through your bullet journal. By this simple touch of artistic patterns you can beautify your journal as well as get satisfaction by reviewing them within your spare time.

Lettering would be also a stylish way to section your Bullet Journal's categories : monthly spreads, trackers, and more. It adds a decorative flavour to your Bullet Journal. And we all know, nothing satisfies a journal lover more than a well decorated journal.

Keep in mind, there is no definite rule, you get to choose using lettering technique to any font of any page as you like. Be free, be creative !

Well, you are wondering whether you need a lot of different tools for lettering? Do not worry, you do not need much. You can letter a word using even a simple pencil, a fineliner, mildliners or brush pens of any sort. Choose what works best for you. Just start by using the ones you already have at home.


1- Add a color shadow to your letters to make them brighter.

2- Mix large and small letters to pop up your main words.

3- Outline your lettering with a black ink and highlight some places inside using a white gel pen to give it a shiny and 3D effect.

4- Adding some decorative elements to your lettering will make it cuter.

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