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About Me

Hi, I’m Jessica, the creator of FunForYou Planner. Stationery lovers, travel addicts, minimalism enthusiasts, and journal lovers, my notebooks follow me from all over the world. 


I travel a lot, these regular trips have led me to consider a way of living close to a nomadic lifestyle. I became aware of the fact that time doesn’t always pass at the same speed depending on where I am and what I am doing. By trying to control time and to keep on doing my habits, I started bullet journaling in 2015.

Always being on the go also helped me understand that I couldn't burden myself with too many possessions. So to get to a more minimalist lifestyle, I started reducing the amount of belongings I owned. The tools I use in my Bullet Journal also had to follow that new way of understanding the world. They had to be easy to transport, easy to use, and multi-functional.

about FunForYou planner

I created my first stencil in 2017. First for personal use in order to save time when setting up my Bullet Journal pages. A few months later, I decided to share my expertise by opening an Etsy store, "FunForYourPlanner". I wanted accessories that reflect who I am as well as my lifestyle and passions. 


FunForYou Planner’s main idea is designing accessories that help you to create layouts for your customizable planners like a “Bullet Journal”. I like to frequently come up with new products. I enjoy sharing ideas and I am always attentive to your needs. I am steadily looking forward to new ideas to decorate your notebook pages and solutions to help you set up your beautiful spreads.   

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