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How To Create A Celestial Cover Page With Stencils

Are you looking for inspiration to decorate your Bullet Journal?

This month Océane @azaleine_ member of our Creative team shares a wonderful Celestial cover page based on sun and moon inspiration.

Use three of our FFYP stencils and in just a few steps get a magnificent result.

Tools you will need :

  • Alphabet Stencil → link

  • Tracker Stencil → link

  • Witchy Stencil → link

  • 1 pencil

  • 1 eraser

  • 1 black fine tip pen → link

  • 1 STABILO Point 88 purple or any color of your choice

  • Step 1: Draw the marks with a pencil using our Tracker stencil.

  • Step 2: Use our Tracker stencil to draw the sunbeams with a black fine tip pen.

  • Step 3: Use our Witchy stencil to draw the moon phases. Get help from the marks you have drawn in step 1.

  • Step 4: Write the quote with our Alphabet stencil. Get help from the marks you have drawn in step 1.

  • Step 5: Decorate the shortest sunbeams tips using selected pattens from Witchy stencil.

  • Step 6: Erase the marks.

Discover all the detailed steps in this video:

Share with us your own result by tagging us on Instagram.



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