5 Tips To Start Your Travel Journal

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Carnet de voyage Partie 2

Here is the second part of our post titled « travel log book » (Only in French sorry for that). When I wrote the first part, I had in mind an overview of the different media used in the creation of travel log books but finally, I decided to go for something more personal and closer to my experiences.

As I explained in the first part, I am a traveller! So after more than a decade spent exploring the world it seems obvious to share my experience and giving some advices for you to start your own travel log book.

1. Choose your gear according to your own feeling and taste.

Of course, any notebook, pen, felt or pencils will do the trick; but you’ll certainly be happier using gear you really like and that match your style. So prepare your stuff ahead. Maybe it is time to finally use that marvelous notebook you long kept for a special occasion.

2. Collect physical souvenirs and memories.

Keep your plane, train or bus tickets. Stock your admission tickets to museums or national parcs. You can even keep business cards from your favorite restaurants or guesthouses where you spent a cosy night and met with such welcoming hosts.

Travelling is all about discovering new cultures, and new ways of doing simple things. You will discover so many new products… don’t forget to hold on to the wrapping paper of this exquisite new candie you discovered out there.

All these can then be included in your travel log book.

3. Do the first step.

Do not hesitate to go forward and meet new people from varied horizons. A great mother sitting on the market stall selling durian fruits in this small Asian village… Discover and try to understand foreign cultures by meeting the locals. A local fisherman is certainly wanting to share a small quote or intimate story you will want to save in your travel log book.

4. Take your time.

You don’t want to rush through your travels, you want to enjoy, you want events to linger. Traveling is not about competing, counting which one saw more landmarks and famous spots than the other, who took more pictures… anyway I think if you are starting a travel log book you understood this a while back!

So my advice is: take your time and contemplate. Admire. Sit in a place you like, find your right spot, and observe. Now is the right time to open your notebook and draw what is surrounding you. You are not a professionally trained artist… so what? Do your thing!

As I mentioned before the time to compete is over. It is now the time for letting go and opening your heart!

5. Establish a routine.

Define a specific moment in the day when you will gather your notebook and your memories from the past day, and start working on these. This has to be a daily routine! Because from day to day your memories are still fresh in your mind and because it will be easier to establish a correct timeline of your travel.

Traveling is a unique experience and so will be your travel notebook. This is the reason I decided not to add any layout pictures to this post.

You need to truly enjoy these special moments within your trip to be able to make them yours and recreate them in your notebook.

Bon voyage!


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